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Nancy Reagan, doggy-style

On the whole, scandal doesn't keep well. Sure, there's the odd person from decades past who can continue to engage our interest, but that usually depends on the regular emergence of new details to titilate our jaded appetites (Elvis Presley being a prime case in point). The likelihood of anyone caring a decade from now about, say, the Jo Beth Taylor video is fairly minimal, to say the least.

Such is the case with Kitty Kelley's 1991 tell-all tome about Nancy Reagan, wittily titled (wait for it) Nancy Reagan. When this came out, it was a source of major titillation, or, as the cover would have you believe, "the most devastating, shocking expose of its kind ever published".

These days, it's hard to see what the fuss is all about. There's a lot of stories of Nancy acting like a bitch (gasp!), and details of how she had to keep an increasingly demented Reagan on the rails (shock!), and lavish accounts of her spending sprees (wow!). No wonder I picked up the book new from Woolworths for $2.

However, there is one story told in the book which is so stupid it's actually amusing. I quote directly from page 415:

Two dogs were mating some 2,000 feet from Runway 31, where the President was scheduled to land, and the Secret Service aboard Air Force One radioed orders that the animals had to be removed. Two airport security officials went out to the runway with welding gloves, and walloped the dogs five or six times in an effort to separate them, but the animals remained locked in copulation. The security officers retreated, but returned minutes later with a rifle. According to a witness, they shot the dogs, shoved them into plastic bags, threw the bags on a flatbed truck, drove them to the edge of the airfield and shoved them into an incinerator.

Tasteful, no?

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