Rant Of The Day THIS RANT 26/02/99

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Horrible stuff from the office fridge

The other day, our engineering department finally got around to cleaning out the overcrowded fridge in our office. The door seal had become completely screwed, resulting in the freezer becoming massively frosted, which screwed the door seal more, etc, ad nauseum. There was so much ice, a cockroach had got stuck in it.

Anyway, myself and my brother Alex somehow got stuck with the task of cleaning out the fridge, and while doing so we discovered the vegetable you see here. It took a certain level of investigation to discover that it was a carrot. It took a brief moment of creativity on the part of our chief sub Kevin to discover that it could easily be transformed into the long-lost identical twin brother of Mr Hankey, The Christmas Poo.

Now, I've seen some pretty unpleasant stuff in my fridge in its day, but I can safely claim never to have seen anything quite this rotten (although my friend Jan did find a packet of cream cheese from 1979 in her freezer last year). Forensic testing (or my best guess) suggests that it must have been there for at least a year. In a word: yuck.

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