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The questions McDonald's really needs to answer

Now that McDonald's has its own Web presence, it's no surprise that one of the features is a frequently asked questions list. Right off the top of my head, there's a whole stack of questions I can think of that I'd like to ask Ronald and friends:

Disappointingly, though, the Maccas FAQ doesn't cover this kind of territory. Instead, we have such scintillating queries as "Does McDonald's have a senior citizen's program?" and "I've been thinking about applying for a job at my local McDonald's. Is it a good place to work?" (to which the answers supplied, incidentally, are "We're not sure" and "Shit yeah").

Even the potentially interesting question "Tell me about the quality of your hamburgers" is pretty dull, although there is an interesting footnote:

McDonald's is committed to serving 100% pure beef hamburgers grilled in their own juices at all of our restaurants around the world. (In India, because of cultural preferences, we do not serve beef.)

However, by digging around the site some more, I did manage to find out just what the ingredients in Big Mac sauce are. If you want to throw some together, you'll need:

Sounds appetising, doesn't it? I'm off to buy some xantham gum.

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