Rant Of The Day THIS RANT 18/11/98

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George Michael goes all revisionist again

The boy just can't help it, can he? 12 months ago, I was complaining that the Wham! greatest hits compilation didn't include 'Bad Boys', a song which George Michael loathes with a passion. His desire to re-edit his career thus took precedence over a truly representative compilation.

Now much the same thing has happened with the companion release, Ladies And Gentlemen: The Best Of George Michael, which tracks our Yog's solo career over 29 tracks on two CDs (and fulfils his obligations to Sony into the bargain). The drawcard for longstanding fans is 3 new tracks and a few hard-to-get numbers, but the attraction for most people should be getting all the hits in one place.

However, George has once again decided to impose some kind of editorial standard here, at least on the Australian and UK editions. His 1988 hit 'Monkey' is not included, even though it was a US#1, an Australian Top Ten hit and was remixed by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis in a version that's almost impossible to get on CD. This is just not on, frankly.

For once, the US is slightly better off, since 'Monkey' has been included on the stateside issue of the album. However, to add insult to injury, all the editions contain Part II of 'I Want Your Sex' rather than Part I (which was the A-side and the actual hit). Why this is so is anybody's guess. I don't suppose any of this will stop the album selling like hotcakes, but as George himself once observed: if you're gonna do it, do it right.

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