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Don't blame us for supermodels

When The Wedding Singer became popular earlier this year, I thought we might finally see an easing off on the ritual slagging of the 1980s which passes for so much of popular culture commentary these days. But of course, I reckoned without the stupid baby boomer forces that control mainstream publications such as the Sydney Morning Herald.

Doubtless influenced by the presence of old codgers such as David Dale, the Herald yesterday took a new tack, and decided that supermodels were entirely a product of the 1980s. To use the paper's own words in describing a makeup launch, "If this was the '80s, the job would have gone to a big-haired, twig-hipped supermodel."

We hate to be picky (actually, that's a lie), but the supermodel is much more a phenomenon of this decade than the previous one. Yes, the supermodels did begin to appear in the rather late 80s, but it was during the 90s that the term, and the tendency to anorexic body shapes such as Kate Moss and really annoying people like Claudia Schiffer, really took hold. The paper itself even acknowledges as much when it notes "in September, for the first time in 10 years, there was no supermodel on the cover of American Vogue". Clearly the maths involved in that one were beyond the Herald scribes.

We'd also like to object to the assumption that the 80s was the decade responsible for people having to look 'twig-hipped'. If that's not something we can ascribe to the 60s, then I don't know what is. But of course, not bagging the 60s is de rigeur when you're a boomer, isn't it?

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