Rant Of The Day THIS RANT 26/10/98

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Hassling over teal blue and fuschia

I've been on a bit of a decorating trip recently which means that, like millions of other people the world over, I've been spending a lot of time cursing self-assembly furniture. Fortunately, one place I haven't been looking for inspiration is Dream Rooms: Decorating With Flair, a book aimed at the teenage female market which, which, as ever, I picked up at Target for $1 in a sale.

This book was part of a (presumably failed) series called Smart Talk, brought out by a group called Troll Associates (which may tell you everything you need to know). The back cover proudly proclaims:

Hi! Ready for some great new styles? Ready to let the real you shine in everything you do? Well, the SMART TALK books are for you. They're packed with drawings, charts, do's and don'ts, questionnaires and quizzes, and they'll show you how to make the most of yourself and your world.

Err, yes. So what's inside the book? Well, apart from a conviction that the most important thing a girl can do is find somewhere attractive to store her hair ribbons, not a whole lot. There's an awful lot of fictional case studies, in which someone called Candy or similar finds a great solution to her decorator dilemma by rummaging through a yard sale, or doing something creative with yarn. Amongst the perky observations in this volume:

Me, I think I'll stick to the Ikea catalogue.

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