Rant Of The Day THIS RANT 20/05/98

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Umbrella issues

Wet weather normally brings out the worst in people. It certainly does in me, although, paradoxically enough, I prefer cold, rainy weather to the kind of 40+ temperatures that seem the norm for a Sydney summer these days. What's objectionable about wet weather is, in fact, other people.

Previously, my main complaint in this area has related to the complete impossibility of getting a taxi on a wet morning. But this is rapidly being superseded by the downright inconsiderate behaviour of people with umbrellas.

At the best of times, these are a major danger if you're tall; walking in the city streets requires constant vigilance to avoid your eyeball being spiked by a brolly being wielded in a dangerous manner by some mad old bag. The worst comes, however, if you choose to buck the trend and venture briefly through the streets without an umbrella, as I did yesterday afternoon.

It's bad enough trying to cross a street quickly when the umbrella-carrying brigade are strolling across and pausing, for no obvious reason, in the middle of puddles. But then, when you reach the other side of the street, you find people standing under shelter, with umbrellas, going nowhere, blocking your access and forcing you back out into the rain. This leaves you with two options: (1) get wet, or (2) kick them in the shins to make them move. Today, I got wet. Next time, I won't be so generous.

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