Rant Of The Day THIS RANT 14/05/98

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Seinfeld takes a bow

All across the US, people are preparing for one of the major entertainment events of the year; the much-previewed and endlessly promoted final episode of Seinfeld, which kicks off with an hour-long tribute to the show's greatest moments before moving into the final episode Thursday night US time. In Australia, however, people are much less concerned for a number of reasons:

I'm not going to follow the popular model of commentary here and predict how I think the show will finish, although the return of co-creator Larry David to write the final script should bode well for the overall quality, methinks. I think it's safe to speculate that at least one of the regular cast members will eventually return to a sitcom, although probably not as the same character. After all, when Ted Danson quit Cheers, he wanted to move onto other kinds of work, but he was back within four years filiming the apparent dud Ink (which I'm guessing we may never see in Australia). Having all been paid around a million bucks an episode this season, though, I don't suppose they'll be rushing.

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