Rant Of The Day THIS RANT 18/05/98

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How the New Weekly betrayed the 80s

Like many obsessives, I was highly pleased I saw that the New Weekly had put out a special 'Back to the '80s' issue last week. Sure, it was just a cheap Wedding Singer cash-in, but anything that gets a photo of Boy George in full 'Karma Chameleon'-era gear on the front cover has to be worth something. Or so I thought, until I bought the issue.

Let me list the good points first. There are some truly spectacular pictures of some major (and minor) 80s acts. Along the bottom of the page there's one of those "can you pick the song from the lyric" quizzes, which appears to have been ripped straight off the Net but is nontheless amusing. And finally, the magazine describes the '80s as "the coolest decade ever", which can't be a bad thing.

However, these plusses are offset by a number of major problems:

Of course, I'm an admitted '80s freak, but even so, it would only have taken some very basic research to avoid most of the errors. Here's all the ones I've been able to find:

Doubtless there are more, I got dispirited looking up these ones. Overall, just not good enough. I may even be forced to write to the magazine and complain.

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