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Warning to all European pop stars

It hasn't been a good year for European pop acts. First of all, we had the tragic and untimely death of Falco, as reported in an earlier rant. More recently, we've had the death of Rob Pilatus, the lesser half (if we can use such a description) of Milli Vanilli.

What this suggests to Gusworld (and this is another thought for which we must give Spanky some credit) is that European pop stars, especially Germans and Austrians, should be watching themselves carefully in the next few months. Acts we think should be particularly careful include:

Whether the recent spate of deaths is the result of bad cosmic karma or just the inevitable results of the slow climbdown from success is open to debate. Perhaps we can draw comfort from the fact that both Falco and the Nilsters were not one-hit wonders. But even so, as Wham! once sang, "This young gun says caution pays."

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