Rant Of The Day THIS RANT 16/04/98

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At last, the Bananarama revival is here

My God, those Easter holidays slow down the site updates, don't they? Fortunately, good things also happen during them. One of the good things I've become aware of is that a Bananarama revival appears absolutely imminent, perhaps precursing the more general SAW revival I've been predicting.

The first hint of this is that Steps, the absolutely appalling English band who scored a hit with the country/dance combo '5, 6, 7, 8', are about to release a single of 'Last Thing On My Mind', a single from Bananarama's 1993 album 'Please Yourself'. Now I think Steps are basically a Tight Fit for the 90s, but they seem to be on a roll, so this has to be some useful publicity. It also marks the first time I can think of that a song composed by the Nanas has been successfully covered, which might remind people that, 'Venus' notwithstanding, they did co-write the majority of their hits.

The real pant-splitting news, though, is that Siobahn Fahey, who left the band in 1988 to form Shakespear's Sister, is (at the moment temporarily) rejoining them to record a cover of ABBA's 'Waterloo' for an album of covers of Eurovision Song Contest winners called 'Eurotrash'. The track is slated to be the lead single for the album. This is of course massive news for several reasons:

Most importantly of all, the combination of the two events should serve to put Bananarama firmly back on the musical map. Why should the Spice Girls get all the girl group glory? Some of it, sure, but not all of it.

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