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Just one more word on Kim Wilde compilations

Some time ago, I wrote a rant discussing the many and varied Kim Wilde compilations available on the market. At the time, I commented:

Kim's always been one of those artists who includes non-album B-sides, so there's a good disc or more's worth of material waiting to be exploited in this way. If they keep doing it one track per disc, though, the W section on my CD shelf will get rather long.

For once, this actually turned out to be a prescient comment. I have recently laid my occasionally grubby hands on More Of The Best, which comes from EMI's European subsidiary Disky Communications. This contains most of the usual suspects to be found padding out compilations of Kim's EMI recordings, although as a sequel to an earlier album (itself a cutdown version of the Premium Gold Collection, it's a bit lighter on the ultra-anthologised tracks.

What's particularly notable is that it includes two B-sides; 'Shane', which, as the B-side of 'Chequered Love', has never been released on CD to the best of my knowledge, and 'Cambodia's flip 'Watching The Shapes', which also popped up on Premium Gold Collection. Just to add to the rarity count still further, it also includes the 12" version of 'Love Blonde' and a remix of 'Dancing In The Dark'. On a points basis, this actually means that it has more new-to-CD content than any other Kim Wilde compilation I own. There's still a pile of B-sides left to anthologise, though, so I'd best get some more shelves.

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