Rant Of The Day THIS RANT 17/04/98

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Mercury Rising, but not very far

Generally speaking, Gusworld is in favour of Bruce Willis. Our liking for the man known as 'Brooooce!' naturally has its roots in his appearances on Moonlighting, a neglected classic of a TV show if ever there was one. Since then, of course, he has added to the legend with such essential pieces of viewing as the Die Hard series, Pulp Fiction, Hudson Hawk and his little-known turn in In Country. Hell, even his album's OK, and somebody had to be in The Color Of Night, didn't they?

Bruce is currently on display in the action thriller Mercury Rising, and it's just as well because if they'd given the role to, say, Van Damme, I might have had to leave the cinema. It's not that there's anything tragically wrong with this film, but it is completely and utterly predictable from the opening sequence through to the rooftop helicopter conclusion. Bitter FBI agent, autistic child holding national secret, dodgy government officials, black cop colleague, woman mysteriously caught in the crossfire . . . it's not hard to see where this one's going. The only real surprise is that Bruce doesn't shag the chick just when you think he's going to.

What our Bruce needs to do is stretch his acting range more often. He's generally followed a policy of alternating high-octane action flicks with more eclectic work, which has proven that he's more than a set of muscles in a singlet. What he really ought to do is get back to full-on comedy. We want Moonlighting: The Reunion!

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