Rant Of The Day THIS RANT 12/03/98

Rant Of The Day is where I get to mouth off about whatever I feel like for however long I like. Theoretically, I'll update my whinge/opinion piece every weekday; in practice, maybe not so often.

Yes, we have no nude Minogues

Gusworld has been many things in its time, but never have we claimed to be a widescale pornography distributor or wholesale violator of copyright. And yet, despite this enviable track record, today I received the following email:

If possible can u send me the pictures of Danni Minogue in playboy

The answer, of course, is 'no', but let me elaborate.

Clearly, though, I'm running the risk of becoming a Dannii guru (it must be the Yahoo entry). Another recent email read:

Hiya!!! I just wann aget in touch with Dannii fans!!!

This is a worthy aim, but we can't help wondering why anyone who'd actually read Mighty Morphin' Dannii Minogue would feel moved to describe us as fans. Weirdos, yes, fans, perhaps not.

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