Rant Of The Day THIS RANT 26/02/98

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The Spice Girls: A clarification

Recently, Gusworld has been receiving a number of emails on the topic of the Spice Girls. The following is fairly representative:

That was mean what you did to the Spice Girls! You are like totally mean!

I must confess that I found these emails puzzling, for I am in fact a reasonably (if not devotedly) committed Spice Girls fan. I own both their albums, which certainly sets me aside from most people of my age I know, but, as ever, I don't care. They make catchy-as-hell pop music and have no pretensions. This makes them infinitely more appealing than most people making music at the moment. And their movie, Spiceworld, is actually highly amusing, has far too many in-jokes for its supposed target audience of six-year-olds and is easily the best pop music movie of the decade.

What, then, had inspired the vitriol? A quick search revealed that the Spicies had been mentioned five times in the history of Gusworld:

Actually, I'm being deliberately obtuse here; the piece that offended was doubtless the near-classic Great stupid statements by the Spice Girls, which takes some of their earlier Girl Power statements and attacks them remorselessly. For this I make no apologies. Given the choice, I'd rather have the well-developed talent for self-mockery evident in Spiceworld than this earlier, less considered alternative. As usual, I'm largely in it for the music and the tacky merchandising, not the philosophy. The girls own attitude to critics is to point out that it's easy to be nasty and hard to be positive. This is possibly true, but Gusworld has a well-ingrained nasty streak and expecting it to disappear completely is just a tad unrealistic, even if it does approach being "totally mean" at times.

I hope that's cleared that up, and we can get back to more worthy mail topics like going on about how crap Celine Dion is.

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