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Falco: A tribute

Today's guest ranter is Spanky The Naughty Little Monkey

As eighties obsessives, the Gusworld editorial team was saddened to hear that last Friday Austrian pop star Falco was killed in a car crash.

Falco, a classical musician by training, only emerged in the charts a couple of times in the eighties, but he had a coolness that made him memorable to anyone who was a teenager in that decade.

The muscician, whose real name was Johann Holzel, was killed when his sport utility (whatever that is) was hit by a bus while driving in the Dominican Republic

He only really had three hits (which is still probably more than A Flock of Seagulls): 'Der Kommisar', probably better known from the English version that After the Fire recorded, 'Vienna Calling', which was memorable for an opening in which a piece of classical music was played on a touch tone phone and of course, his best known work, 'Rock Me Amadeus'.

Sung in a mixture of German and English, the song basically didn't make that much sense in either language, but essentially postulated that Mozart was the first punk rocker.

Still, being sane was never a prerequisite for success in the crazy world of popdom and for a few short months in 1986, Falco was a god.

But fame, as they say, is a fickle mistress and Falco pretty much headed down to the dumper after this, drawing criticism for racist comments he was alleged to have made and recording a duet with Brigette Neilsen.

Despite the complete aceness of his songs, they have pretty much been ignored in the eighties revival, left off many a Best of the Eighties in favour of having another compilation with "Tainted Love" on it. In fact, it's pretty much After the Fire's version of 'Der Kommissar' that has been immortalised this way.

But now is the time for us to rise up in the streets and say "Falco: he was good but odd."

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