Rant Of The Day THIS RANT 14/11/97

Rant Of The Day is where I get to mouth off about whatever I feel like for however long I like. Theoretically, I'll update my whinge/opinion piece every weekday; in practice, maybe not so often.

The magic world of jelly octopi

You don't have to tell me that it's been over a week since I updated Gusworld. Blame my boss, whose obsession with coming up with unrealisable projects has left me exhausted and utterly disillusioned over the past week. I haven't even seen an episode of Friends for the past fortnight, which is a crime beyond redemption. But I'm going to try and make up for it next week.

I'm so exhausted I haven't even got a real topic for a rant, but I have been meaning for a while to talk about Gummi Octopi, the latest in a long line of sugar-laden products with which I have been padding my rapidly expanding waistline. Gummi Bears I can take or leave; they're a bit too small for visual appeal. But there's something about a Gummi Octopus which grabs me every time.

As you can see from the specimen pictured here, reality is not high on the list of Gummi Octopus designer priorities. The ocotopi also have an annyoing habit of sticking together in the packet in some kind of primitive gelatinous orgy. But despite that, they taste good.

End of rant. I'm afraid I'm still tired.

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