Rant Of The Day THIS RANT 13/10/97

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When will I be famous?

When Bros asked that question, the correct answer turned out to be "for about 12 months, tops". I have severe doubts as to whether Gusworld will be famous for that long (although we have been running now for close on eighteen months now). I am, however, pleased to report that Gusworld's fame is spreading widely, with two major media mentions in the past week.

The first was in that bible of tack, the New Weekly. In its regular 'The Weird World Of The Web' section, the mag gives the thumbs-up to Mighty Morphin' Dannii Minogue, our popular section describing the adventures of Dannii's superhero alter ego. Mind you, the description lacked a certain something:

Ever wondered how Dannii Minogue manages to change her face and body so frequently? The answer, according to one web site (../../dannii/dannii.htm), is that she's a MightyMorphin' pop star. This page is not for Dannii fans.

The last point is true enough, but MMDM is less concerned with Dannii's external appearance than her innate superhero nature. Any such mistakes were forgiven, however, since the entry was right next to a picture of ABBA wrapped in tin foil. Truly. And the online version adds the description "cheeky and funny".

Our second 15 seconds of fame came when Gusworld in its entirety got a writeup in Syte, The Australian's Saturday 'technology for everyone' insert. The 21C TV column immortalised us with these words:



The Web is a great breeding ground for feral satire sites, and this is one of the best. It is homegrown, put together by a group of young computer journalists in Sydney. Enjoy their rants, or The Eye Of The Tigress, a serial novel written by multiple authors.

Thanks a heap, guys. We'll try and keep it up.

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