Rant Of The Day THIS RANT 17/10/97

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Eating Mr Men

Back when Gusworld started in May 1997, one of the original features was the List Of Mr Men, which filled a pressing need at the time. Although it has since been dwarfed by other bits of content on the site, I still remain fond of the Mr Men. And thus I was greatly pleased when, wandering around Woolworths at lunchtime today in search of a sugar hit, I located a packet of Binka's Mr Men and Little Miss lollies (pictured left).

Aside from the Mr Men/Little Miss shape, and the fact that some have a random coating of white sugary gelatiney stuff on the back, these taste pretty much like standard Binkas (whose other sweets use the slogan "Slightly less naughty then when you were kids"). What sets them apart is their use of four Mr/Little Miss characters: Mr Clever, Mr Happy, Little Miss Naughty (a favourite in lingerie shops, I've noticed recently) and Little Miss Chatterbox. Oh, and the fact that they have a warning on the back that says "Please keep these sweets away from heat to avoid the possibility of melting." Strangely enough, too, there were no Little Miss Chatterboxes in the bag I purchased, which is why Little Miss Naughty appears twice below. Perhaps she's set to become a collectible.

Will I buy them again? Well, probably not, given that the $1.00 range of lollies in Woolworths is so wide. But it's nice to know they're there if I need them (sounds like a Leo Sayer song).

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