Rant Of The Day THIS RANT 29/10/97

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Handy international hair care hints

The world is flooded with magazines, and to an alarming extent they tend to repeat the same features. I mean, how many times can Cleo run an 'Your Best-Ever Orgasm' feature in a single year? (The answer, of course, is 12.) How many interviews with B-grade Australian film makers can get crammed into Good Weekend?

What makes this more disturbing is that there are some features that just never seem to get a run. For instance, the other day I asked myself: "When was the last time I saw a feature giving me useful hints on how to speak to hairdressers in four major European languages?"

The answer turns out to be January 1963, when HairDo magazine, an absolutely spiffing publication, ran a handy table under the heading 'The Globetrotter's Glossary'. In case you haven't got a copy handy, here's a few highlights.

Ich mochte eine ganz andre Frisur machen lassen I would like to have a complete new hairdo
Tengo un pericraneo muy delicado My scalp is tender
Je veux une frange I would like bangs
Vi prego di riotcarmi le radici Please touch up the roots
Nicht allzu kurz Not too short!
Huh? I'm sorry, which language am I speaking?

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