Rant Of The Day THIS RANT 31/10/97

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Singled out

When it came to picking this week's Single Of The Week, I was more than unusually spoiled for choice. Not only did I have my ridiculously extensive vinyl collection to contend with, but I also had four brand spanking-new singles to contend with, the result of needing to spend a Blockbuster voucher in a hurry.

Given my infamously negative attitude to most new music, having to pick four singles out might not have been an easy task. In the event, though, it proved surprisingly easy.

First off the rank was the new Savage Garden single, 'Universe'. My recent obsession with this band is well-documented, so this was an automatic must-have. I actually think the track in question is the worst one on their debut album, but it includes two previously unreleased tracks, making it essential even if I wasn't already an obsessive collector. As a result, though, it didn't really qualify as a Single Of The Week.

Next up was something I'd been thinking about for a while, Dannii's 'All I Wanna Do'. I've never been a big fan of Dannii's previous music, as visitors to other parts of this site may have guessed. But this particular number was catchily insistent, and it came with a bonus video for the single. I'm a sucker for an extra, so I was hooked. However, since I'd already had a Minogue as a Single Of The Week recently, I didn't want a repeat quite so soon.

So the third possibility was George Michael. Again, my obsession with Wham! is well-documented, and I purchased this particular single, 'Star People '97', because it also includes an unplugged version of the Wham! classic 'Everything She Wants'. It wouldn't qualify as a Single Of The Week, however, since the title track is bland, monotonous and dull. No wonder there's a Wham! greatest hits collection coming out.

So in the end, there was only one choice. And what was it? Hey, I'm not going to do all the work here; click on the link at the top and find out for yourself.

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