Rant Of The Day THIS RANT 25/10/97

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The last word on pageants

For the ten people who haven't been following the Gusworld pageant story, click here for the background
Whether through sheer exhausation or mental stagnation I don't know, but our worthy opponents Missteenca and BMSDFP have given up the chase. Gusworld received the following email yesterday:

I t is quite obvious that since you are from Austrailia, you know little about the Miss America Pageant.
1. Miss America contestants do not all want to work with children.
2. Miss America contestants select their own swimsuits. They are all individual.
3. Miss America contestants are your average looking college girl, not to thin and not overweight.
4. Miss America contestants are all college students attaining bachelors or masters degress. Wuit using bimbettes. Most women would taske offense.
Gus, have you ever heard of glamour. We're big on it over here in the U.S. Contestants in the Miss America Pageant do not wear anymore makeup than a woman who would be attending the opera, a wedding, or any other special occasion.
It simply costs a small fortune to attend a good university in the United States.
Pageant contestants are no more vacuous than you are an intelligent and infomed individual on the subject of pageantry. I seriously doubt you have ever seen a telecast of a Miss America Pageant. Your perceptions are so far off the mark they border on total ignorance.
Don't lie. You stated in a previous "rant" that Pageant Life was "the premier publication of the pageant industry." Don't lie. I remembered that quote, because it is not true.

Marshalling together all those mangled thoughts was obviously a big challenge, because I had to wait a few minutes for the followup:

I, along with the other three people who read your rag here in the great United States of America, will no longer be reading you. Your an idiot on subjects you know nothing about, and further,your ugly and will not be selected to represent Austrailia in the Manhunt International Pageant. Incidently Mr.Zealand is the current international titleholder. Goes to show there are more attractive people next door than in your own backyard.Goodbye.

And following in quick succession I got this from BMSDFP:

Dear Gus, It has been interesting to read about your perceptions regarding pageantry. What you have not done is to seperate the types of pageants from one another. You have taken the liberty to bunch them all together. This is a mistake. For example:
1. The Miss America Pageant is not a beauty contest. Interview and talent accounts for the bulk of the pageant score. In fact, the last few Miss America's are not beautiful in the Hollywood sense. They are more typical of your attractive college student. Articulate, self assured and motivated to succeed.
2. The Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, Miss Universe, Miss World and I dare say, Miss Austrailia Pageants are beauty pageants. Although in recent years more emphasis has been placed on intelligence, career aspirations,etc.
3. I join with you and others (including missteenca) in our distaste for childrens pageants. I think some Moms like to live vicariously through their daughters participation.
4. I have noticed however, how many young women have gained self esteem, and have become less shy as a result. While it is true they could have gained this new sense of being in other ways, I donot see young women as stupid creatures who can't make up their own minds about what is fun and good for them.
In closing, I would like to say that I will no longer be reading your rant page. It is clear that the only opinions you wish to hear are your own. You seem to be very close minded, and I therefore have more important things to do in my life then to continue reading your rant pages, which clearly have no conception of the reality of pageantry, atlesast here in the United States.

To be honest, I'm surprised that these two have persisted for so long, especially when the level of argument has rarely risen above "Pageants are good, and you suck". But I won't be able to let 'em go without first of all noting that Missteenca is definitely dumber than BMSDFP, and then once more addressing some of the points raised.

While this is the end of that conversation (I think), rest assured that Gusworld's exposes of pageantry will continue. Watch this space.

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