Rant Of The Day THIS RANT 17/10/97

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Yes, another rant on pageants

For the ten people who haven't been following the Gusworld pageant story, click here for the background
You've got to admire pageantry advocates for their persistence; sure, it's tempered with a huge dose of stupidity, but it's there. Our favourite pageant dope Missteenca has written three times to Gusworld since our last outburst. The most recent was blunt, to the point and yet pointless:

Are you on vacation, or what? You last appeared on Oct.10th. It's now the 16th. Are you dead or what?

In fact, Gusworld has been updated twice since the 10th (three times at this writing); it's called the reload button, dear.

The previous email revealed that Missteenca is a Celine Dion fan, which is no great surprise. But there was one interesting snippet amongst the deluge:

I just wanted to note that Vivian La Cour, Editor of Pageant Life Magazine has been very ill recently. You will be pleased to find out that there is no longer a Pageant Life Magazine. You were very misinformed when you recognized it as the premier publication of the pageant industry. Far from it. That recognition belongs to Pageantry Magazine, which is still flourishing- thank you very much. It seems rather rediculous to quote a publication which no longer exists.

Again, Gusworld has never described Pageant Life as the "premier publication of the pageant industry", merely as an ill-considered piece of tripe with no redeeming editorial values. The fact that there is another magazine in the sector is not exactly cheering news either. And while it may be "rediculous" to quote a redundant magazine, it's a lot less ridiculous than having the name of a pageant title as your email address and not being able to spell to boot.

Our other regular correspondent (whose name is BMSDFP, if you must know), has also been busy at the keyboard. Apart from taking to addressing us as "Gussy" and suggesting that we need plastic surgery, BMSDFP is also keeping up the proud tradition of dumb excuses for pageants. This is her intemperate response du jour:

You state that the existence of beauty pageants play a major role in maintaining stererotyped and outdated ideas about how women should look and act. Let me remind you that the only people trying to stereotype are people with your blindsided way of thinking. Miss America contestants, or contestants in any pageant for that matter, are individuals with their own set of values, beliefs, and their own look. They would be the first to tell you you don't know what you are talking about. True, there will never be a fat Miss America, but who would want to see that! Fat is unhealthy, or haven't you noticed? Overly madeup? Have you ever heard of wearing more makeup for the cameras? If you don't you look pale as a fart! Vacuous and underdressed? That;s your perception- not mine, and certainly not a thought from those who participate in pageants. You may think their is something wrong with awarding scholarships to attractive women. Let me remind you we do it all the time for young men who are tall and can throw a ball threw a hoop! In closing let me remind you of one fact that stands alone as a glaring truth. The Miss America Pageant is the largest source of college scholarships for women in the World.Last year over 30 million dollars in college scholarships were awarded to women on the loca, state and national levals of the Miss America Pageant. The National Organization of Women dislikes the Miss America Pageant, as well as the media (grunts like you) who need something they know nothing about to hate. Let you, N.O.W. and others put your money where your mouth is. Create a scholarfund fund surpassing the Miss America Organization. You can't, you won't, so shut up!

Again, this seems to demand a point-by-point response:

I wonder what tomorrow's mail will bring?

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