Rant Of The Day THIS RANT 09/10/97

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To bimbo or not to bimbo

It's been quite a while since I updated Gusworld's Dumb Quotes From Pageant Life section since, as I noted in an earlier rant, my subscription to the mag hasn't yet been renewed. However, the section as it stands continues to attract insane email from pro-pageant people Stateside. Here's the latest, from someone identified only as 'Missteenca' (Miss Teen California? Canal? Canine? Cafeteria?):

I found your comments funny to a certain point. As a pageant director for almost 20 years, I have seen young women eventually have careers in business, law, medicine and the arts. To lump all contestants as bimbo's are less, does no service to the truth.
While I feel childrens pageant leave alot to be desired, I can share with you countless letters from parents whose daughters have blossomed as a result of their participation in such events. Let's not be so one sided!

As one Gusworld editorial board member pointed out to me, this is my bloody Web site and I can be as one-sided as I like. But I think it would be more fun to mock Missteenca's lack of grammatical self-control. I mean, "To lump all contestants as bimbo's are less, does "? That makes about as much sense as Finnegan's Wake, and doesn't even involve alcohol.

I must admit I was tempted to write back and beg for copies of the "countless letters", but I wouldn't be doing so in the spirit of charity. And there are plenty of other stupid things in the world to pick on, even if we don't count Amanda Vanstone.

What, then, of the letter's main point, that some pageant participants go on to have allegedly respectable careers? As I noted last time this topic was raised, "Any number of pageant participants may become doctors and teachers, and it doesn't change the fact that pageants present a distorted image of what people should strive for that can influence individuals who don't themselves ever participate in one."

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