Rant Of The Day THIS RANT 29/09/97

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Wait for the impending Wham! revival

It's a depressing thought that it's more than 10 years since Wham! split up. But at least they're not forgotten entirely. I got stupidly excited over a recent revelation that a new Wham! greatest hits compilation is in the works.

Dedicated Wham! fans might say: "But surely 1986's The Final is effectively a greatest hits package?" Well, yes, it is, but not in America. Because the band only had one hit album in the US prior to that release (1984's classic Make It Big), it seemed a bit premature to do a hits package. As a result, the album was retitled Music From The Edge Of Heaven and the number of tracks halved.

At last, though, US Wham! fans (and obsessives like me) can get the fix of boppy pop hits they've been craving. Details on the album are scarce, but it will be released November 21, with a single of "Everything She Wants" scheduled for October. Rumour also has it that there'll be dance remixes featured; yuck. What relationship this has to the forthcoming George Michael greatest hits project is, as yet, conjecture. But I'll be buying it, of this you can be sure, even if I have to pay a silly price for an imported copy.

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