Rant Of The Day THIS RANT 19/09/97

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Gross, disgusting, utterly feral

I've been having a good week for movie previews. Having popped in to see Speed 2 on Tuesday, yesterday I went to see Event Horizon, a movie about which I knew practically nothing. This proved to be a mistake, at least in the sense that I didn't know what I was in for.

Event Horizon starts out with a rag-bag of standard science-fiction cliches: a bunch of astronauts are sent into deep space to mount a rescue on a spaceship (the Event Horizon, as it happens) which mysteriously disappeared seven years ago, and has now reappeared. When they locate the ship, a set of mysterious happenings unsettle the crew. To make things worse, an onboard explosion means they have just 20 hours to escape the ship before their oxygen runs out. But is the ship alive? Is it drawing on their innermost fears? Have I heard all this somewhere before?

Well, yes I have, but Event Horizon is a competent enough execution of this well-trodden theme to make it watchable. At least it is up until the point when Justin (the character pictured here) gets caught in an airlock and beguns vomitting copious amounts of blood in deep space, while simultanouesly extruding more corpuscles from his body as a whole. And he's one of the ones who is lucky enough to survive.

From this point on, the film is an unrelieved gorefest of truly revolting sights and images, ranging from an eviscerated man hanging from hooks on the ship's bridge, a suiciding woman in a bathful of blood, more bodily scarring and lacerations than you can possibly conceive of, and rooms full of naked people writhing in unimaginable agony. Not the best thing to see after a dinner of KFC.

It's not really that Event Horizon is a bad movie; everyone says "fuck" a lot, and the non-gore visuals are well-handled, even if the script is unadventurous. But if I had to recommend a flick from this week's selection, I think Speed 2 would still be the one.

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