Rant Of The Day THIS RANT 27/08/97

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Missed marketing opportunities by the Spice Girls

Owing to a clerical error at my record club, I am now the somewhat indifferent owner of the Spice Girls' debut album, Spice. I'm not going to discuss their musical merits and flaws here, however, because there's a much bigger issue at stake: how the Spice Girls market themselves.

With Pepsi and crisp commercials, a movie deal and a permanent tabloid presence, ver Girls are clearly no slouches in the PR department. And this policy extends to merchandising: a card included in the album (and badly scanned in on your right) offers such fabulous chunks of ephemera as a Spice Girls coffee mug, mini rucksack, calendar, lever file and 'Spicewatch' poster, aping a certain well-known TV show about lifeguards.

This is all well and good, but for one small thing: the order card is for UK buyers only, with prices all in pounds and no reference to overseas orders outside of Europe. Come on girls, get it together! There are plenty of fans outside the UK, as your constant global promo touring reflects. You'd want to get in now and exploit your teenage public, because in a couple of years it will all be over. And you know you're slipping when Gus has to give you a lecture.

Related and superior female pop note: a faithful Gusworld reader pointed out to me that in yesterday's discussion of the career of Tania Lacy, I failed to mention her role as choreographer and sometime star in the very first video produced by our Kylie, 'Locomotion'. I also omitted to mention one of her more famous characterisations, Pixie Snotley. I will remedy both these errors in the near future with a dedicated Tania Lacy section on this Web site.

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