Rant Of The Day THIS RANT 03/07/97

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Wedding belles and total clangers

Let's face it, there's already huge potential for sexism if you choose to devote most of a single issue of a magazine to celebrity weddings, as Who does every year. In this year's effort, the mag has tried reasonably hard to avoid those kind of charges, ensuring that all couples are listed alphabetically by surname rather than with the man (or the woman) always first, and even suggesting that if the bride has to buy the dress, the groom better buy the suit.

The good intentions collapse completely, however, when an article on wedding etiquette is included. The piece might have stood a chance if the etiquette expert they'd chosen was Kaz Cooke, but instead some non-entity called Pat Lawson-Black, who styles herself as a "protocol professional". In between giving hints on whether you should have a prenupital (yes), should the bride be late (yes) and should you pelt the happy couple with birdseed (yes, surprisingly enough), Lawson-Black gives the following breathless answer to the question "Should the potential fiance seek permission from the father of the bride-to-be?":

The street-smart, self-sufficient woman, having just agreed to marry, may not appreciate the tradition that dictates her hubby-to-be ask her dad for her hand. But she should; it is a charming ritual and a chance for Dad to ask the tricky assets questions she may have felt less inclined to inquire about, such as "How much do you have in the bank"?

People who think like this should fuck off, roll over and die. While anyone who could contemplate marrying someone but be too embarrassed to ask them about their finances probably deserves a lot of what they get, encouraging the idea that money is strictly a man thing and women should be grateful to be included in discussions about their impending betrothal is unbelievably stupid.

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