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Gwyneth's shock claim: Brad still has to roger me

A Gusworld NOT-TRUE-NEWS story

Hollywood insiders are reeling with shock at the amazing news that Gwyneth Paltrow -- who split with fiancee Brad Pitt earlier this week -- still intends to hold him to a contract requiring the couple to have sex every day for the rest of their lives.

As previously reported on Gusworld, Brad and Gwyneth had made a totally ridiculous agreement to make the beast with two backs every single day of their married life. Although the pair announced the end of their two-and-a-half year relationship earlier this week in a terse fax that left many questions unanswered, Gwyneth is now telling friends that the deal required them to have sex every day even if they didn't get married. And, incredibly, she intends to hold Brad to that deal even now they've split.

"That bastard won't get away from me so easily," she told a friend. "If he fails to slip me one, even once, I'll be taking him to court and suing the arse off him." Gwyneth's determination has already resulted in a number of embarrassing incidents in LA locations, including:

Hollywood solicitor Mark Frenglet confirms that Gwyneth has engaged his services to investigate a possible breach of contract suit. "Personally, I think she's a total fruit loop, but the money is right," he reportedly told someone.

Gwyneth's contremps is the latest in a series of embarrassing pre-marriage deals brokered by celebrities. Kevin Costner is reportedly still recovering from the shock loss of his collection of Howard The Duck memorabilia, which he was forced to sell off after his divorce under an unusual prenupital clause.

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