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I'm not obsessed with the Minogues

Despite the evidence, I'm really not obsessed with the Minogue family. I will freely admit to having a page on this site entitled Mighty Morphin' Dannii Minogue, which tracks the adventures of Dannii's super-hero alter ego. But frankly, I'd bet that you'd do that if I hadn't already done it first. And I have awarded Kylie with the highly prestigious Single Of The Week award for her classic fuck-you-Stock-Aitken-Waterman number 'What Kind Of Fool'. But don't brand me obsessed.

I actually hold Kylie partly responsible for the decline in the quality of Smash Hits (once the world's greatest piece of music journalism) towards the end of the 1980s. When I first began buying this fine pop mag's Australian edition in 1984, it was completely and utterly focused on music. Record reviews took up a full two pages, and covered practically everything on the market. Frida's Shine album even got reviewed, no mean feat for an album that was a bit of a commercial low for the ABBA brunette. (Actually, it wasn't a very positive review, the phrase "sweet but very ordinary voice" is emblazoned on my mind from it, but I'm digressing.) Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, King, Bananarama; these were the bands we saw on the cover.

The arrival of the crop of Neighbours pop stars, led by Kylie, and swiftly followed by Jason, Craig and a host of nobodies, changed all that. Before you knew it, Smash Hits was full of movie stars, TV hosts and other musical non-entities. It was the beginning of my disillusionment with modern music and modern music media.

So now we've established that, I report, purely in the interests of popular culture, that both Minogue sister have firmed up their record release plans for later in the year. Kylie has recorded two tracks with Manic Street Preachers for her new album, including the likely first single, 'Some Kind Of Bliss'. And Dannii will release a single, 'All I Wanna Do', from her forthcoming album, Girl, in the UK on July 21. At least that will give her Mighty Morphin' alter ego a new track to perform.

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