Rant Of The Day THIS RANT 11/06/97

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Butterfly vomit

It would strike many people as petty, pointless and judgemental to condemn a song you've never heard just because the lyrics suck raw eggs. That's me, I guess.

The song in question is the unbelievably mawkish 'Butterfly Kisses' by Bob Carlisle. I've yet to hear this country gem with Christian overtones, but I was already aware of its sensational success in the States, even though Bob's record company hasn't released it as a single. Now it appears that Australia is about to succumb to the same trend. How do I know this? Because I have in my fetid little hands a particularly tacky press release from Bob's local record company. This sucker is worth reading in its entirety:


This AC flavoured smash has a profound impact on anyone who's a father or a daughter. These types of people make up a significant proportion of the population. FMQB.

You may not have heard of Bob Carlisle today, but we bet you will know his song Butterfly Kisses.

The public response in America is being duplicated right away in Australia.

Since airing the song the reaction calls to radio stations have been amazing. Women are pulling off the road, and calling radio stations, crying. One radio announcer stated that this was the biggest reaction record that he had seen in a long time, and that it was a must listen!

From a handful of radio stations picking up on the record from American hitdisc, the Australian public are also demanding in their desire to own this record!


Due to this impeccable demand, 'Butterfly Kisses', the album, has been rush released into stores and is available as of TODAY Monday, June 10.

It certainly ain't an impeccable press release. And yes, I know June 10 wasn't a Monday.

Unfortunately, the mawkishness doesn't end there. If you feel like suffering some more, then you can find the lyrics here, or check into the official Bob Carlisle Site, which comes complete with a 'Butterfly Forum' where you can "share your special father - daughter moments". Excuse me, I think I'm going to puke.

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