Rant Of The Day THIS RANT 04/04/97

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A non-stop block of classic cock rock

Even though it now boasts the stellar talents of Andrew Denton and Amanda Keller, I just can't listen to Triple M. It's simply not my kind of music. (In actual fact, I hardly ever listen to any radio station of any persuasion, but that's irrelevant right now.)

This, however, is not going to stop me commenting on Triple M's recently published Top 1000 (check it out here if you want all the disgusting detail). It may restrain me a little from attacking some of their appalling musical choices, that's all.

The most astounding thing about the Top 1000, oddly enough, is not that it includes 25 tracks by Led Zeppelin, 24 by U2, 23 by Cold Chisel, 22 by AC/DC, and only 6 by KISS. It is that of the 1,000 "classic rock" tracks listed here, just 45 feature a female vocalist. (And coming up with a figure as high as 45 requires the inclusion of bands like Fleetwood Mac and the B-52s who share vocals between members). If for some freak reason the Divinyls had never existed, this figure would drop back to 37.

I'd be the first to admit that rock is a highly sexist industry in both historic and contemporary settings, and so I'd be surprised if these figures were anywhere near even. Nor should any list have to be constructed for an equal gender division; if I compiled a list of my Top 1000 tracks, it would swing rather heartily in the other direction.

But less than 5% women! Taken another way, the Triple M list implies that the sum contributions of Led Zeppelin and Cold Chisel to the world of music are greater than the collected group of all women who ever stepped up to a microphone. I don't think so.

And what makes the whole thing really ludicrous is that there's not even a well-defined genre background that excludes any decent pop music. Tracks like 'I Ran' by A Flock Of Seagulls, 'To Be A Lover' by Billy Idol and 'Two Tribes' by Frankie are in there, countering the generic 'cock rock' nature of the list. I'm not knocking these fine songs (they beat the pants off most of the top 10); I'm just wondering how they can make it into the list while Madonna misses it completely. Pigs.

For the detail freaks, the tracks featuring female vocalists are #s 82, 103, 111, 153, 168, 203, 214, 227, 233, 250, 265, 274, 337, 339, 350, 375, 391, 425, 453, 462, 483, 499, 533, 540, 547, 596, 640, 645, 656, 668, 672, 682, 705, 719, 748, 754, 778, 816, 856, 859, 864, 893, 928, 975 and 978. Do let us know if we've missed anyone.

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