Rant Of The Day THIS RANT 13/02/97

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Gusworld, the Brady Bunch, and sexism

Shortly after yesterday's rant about Alice's drug addiction, Gusworld received the following email from a concerned reader:

I was disappointed to read such glaring sexism in your ROTD dated 12/02/97. It contained the following quote: "sweet-natured housekeeper working as a slave for a lazy woman with six children, she's a certified aerosol abuser." Are you assuming that the chores done by Alice should be done by Carol? What about Mike? Since Alice was Mike's maid in the first place I think a big fat finger should be pointed at Mike.

It is true that the implication of that sentence could well be that Carol should have been doing the household chores. That would be sexist, stupid, and just plain wrong. The appearance of this sentence goes to show the dangers of slipping into Brady-style outdated attitudes. Gusworld apologises for this appalling behaviour.

On the other hand, Gusworld stands by the assertion that Carol is lazy. The whole time she's ever on screen, she's either doing tapestry or saying "Oh, Mike" or rogering him. I'm not suggesting housework is the solution, but couldn't she be doing something with her time? (And yes, I'm bitter because I don't get to live that kind of lazy lifestyle.)

Also, when Mike was widowed he would have had to keep working while raising three children, owing to America's charming lack of a social welfare system, which Australia is now stupidly trying to emulate. I'm therefore not sure what he could have done other than hire a housekeeper, or a nanny, or someone. Better that than the unpaid labour of an enslaved relative.

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