Rant Of The Day THIS RANT 26/02/97

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Always breaking my cover

When Gusworld reviewed Belinda Carlisle's single 'Always Breaking My Heart' (pictured top) back in November, we predicted that we were unlikely to get the two part CD single release from the UK when the song hit Australian shores. We were essentially correct in this prediction, but not quite.

The somewhat belated Australian release (there have been two more singles in the UK since 'Always Breaking My Heart' came out) is, as we predicted, based on the second UK single. The disc (pictured centre) is backed with three of Belinda's earlier hits ('Heaven Is A Place On Earth', 'Circle In The Sand' and 'I Get Weak'). This means local fans are being deprived of new Belinda material ('Love Walks In' and a cover of 'The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan') in favour of easily available tracks.

But we shouldn't be surprised, because this cover also indicates that Virgin Australia don't really give a toss about Belinda fans anyway. The cover art has been copied exactly from the UK release -- so much so that they didn't even bother to delete the 'Part Two Of A Two Part Set' information from the top left-hand corner of the cover (see close-up shot at bottom). So we don't get a two-part CD, but we do get told that we will be getting one.

How hard is it to proof a cover and check out these kinds of details? It's not like rocket science is involved. Given that a 'printed in Australia' logo had to be added to the cover, couldn't the change have been made at that stage? Or couldn't Virgin have realised their mistake and whacked a sticker over the top? Thank god for import shops.

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