Rant Of The Day THIS RANT 25/02/97

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Bazooma synth pop

I always have a standard routine when I visit a new city. I find my hotel, have something to drink, and then go out and locate every record shop I can find. This past weekend I've been in Melbourne (you'll be hearing a lot about Melbourne in the next few days), a city I haven't visited since I was five, when I got lost at the zoo. Naturally, most of my time was spent in music stores, large and small, chain and family, new and used. The end result? Around a dozen CDs, and the same in vinyl. I truly can't help myself.

I tracked down a number of CDs that have proved elusive, including Culture Club's last two albums and the Starsound Orchestra playing the hits of ABBA. Without doubt, though, the tacky find of the visit was the CD compilation, Samantha & Sabrina! Yes, big-breasted synth pop never dies, it just gets recompiled by obscure Italian labels and repurchased by losers like me.

I'm actually a big Samantha Fox fan and already own all her albums, so none of the tracks on that half of the compilation were much of a revelation. It includes all the obvious hits, except her second big Stateside charter, 'Naughty Girls Need Love Too', and the usual preponderance of filler. At least Samantha had some hits to include.

Sabrina, of course, only ever had one hit of any note, 'Boys (Summertime Love)', and listening to this album you can see why. She has a vocal range that makes Sam look like Joan Sutherland. To fill out her half of this 20-track opus, we get truly lame covers of Prince's 'Kiss', the Knack's 'My Sharona', Rod Stewart's 'Do Ya Think I'm Sexy' and LaBelle's 'Lady Marmalade', all sung with the breathless passion of a used Wettex.

Of course, Sabrina deserves a modicum of credit for actually having her hits a full year before Italo house became compulsory listening in all the worst nightclubs. But still, if you buy this CD (like me), it certainly won't be for the music.

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