Rant Of The Day THIS RANT 21/01/97

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The hidden track debacle

Today's guest ranter is Spanky The Naughty Little Monkey.

Some ideas, such as Ray Martin, are crap from the outset. Others are actually quite groovy at the beginning, but once the novelty value wears off or they are overused, they become quite tedious. 'Hidden' tracks on CDs fall into this category.

When Nirvana did it on Nevermind, it was a relatively new concept, and it was not done on every copy, but a limited number. This meant that the CDs with the track were something special.

Since then every artist and their groupie have stuck some pretentious, self-indulgent 60 second ditty on the end of a CD. The reason the track is unlisted on the sleeve is probably because it's a piece of crap that wasn't worth putting on the album in the first place.

Actually it's not so much the tracks themselves, but the gap between the final song and the track. It's not as if that surprise value still exists: you buy a CD, you listen to it for the first time and then about twelve songs into it, there is silence, but no noise-that-a-CD-player-makes-when-it's-finished, so you think "Ho hum, another hidden track" and skip forward to the 'good bit'.

Where it gets really annoying is when you have a CD on random and you get this silence in the middle of everything, especially when you put three CDs on random for the express purpose of not having to run back to the CD player every ten minutes.

Artists with hidden tracks should be shot, pure and simple. And so should Celine Dion, whether she's made an album with a hidden track or not.

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