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Searching for Tony Hadley

Gusworld received the following email yesterday (along with approximately 743 others):

I saw your page and was wondering if you can help me out with Tony Hadley.
Do you know about him? Or can point me toward a Web page that is informative?
Thank you! Michele

I can only guess that Michele read my earlier rant on Spandau Ballet (for whom Hadley was lead singer), inspired by the band filing a lawsuit against chief songwriter Gary Kemp over royalty payments. Quite how it qualifies me as a guru I don't know.

Gusworld, though, can never resist a challenge, especially when it relates to 80s music trivia. Ignoring Hadley's history while with Spandau Ballet (details on how to find that below), my own knowledge of his subsequent career is fairly scarce. When the band scattered in 1991, Hadley signed a contract with EMI. He released three singles in the UK over the next two years, to mild chart reaction. 'Lost In Your Love' reached #42, For Your Blue Eyes Only' hit #67 and 'The Game Of Love' scraped in at #72. That's about all I know, really.

Armed with a search engine, though, the options must be limitless. Except, er, they're not. Here's my more-or-less complete list of Spandau Ballet/Tony Hadley Web resources, and everything I've discovered about his recent career:

Clearly, there's a market gap here for decent information on Spandau and its individual members. Equally clearly, Tony Hadley is spending a lot of time in Europe and releasing a lot of flop singles. As a co-operative type of fellow, it seems to me the best idea would be for a multi-lingual version of the existing unofficial page, with built-in Tony extensions. Someone should volunteer for this task immediately.

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