Rant Of The Day THIS RANT 09/10/96

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Choosing a choice compilation

It will come as no surprise to Gusworld's regular readers that I own an awful lot of 80s compilation CDs, ranging from mainstream Dino Music compilations like The New Romantics through to obscure B-side groupings like Sedated In The Eighties. You don't have to buy too many of these to realise that there's a pattern to a lot of them. In the course of numerous conversations with other 80s aficionados, I've come to the conclusion that the following are virtually compulsory inclusions on any CD which claims to cover the 1980s, especially if it focuses on the first half of the decade:

As well as these ultra-ultra-common tracks, there are many others which appear with startling regularity. The end result is that by the time you've collected a dozen or so of these beasties (and an 80s-centric main collection to boot), you're lucky to find an album which has more than two tracks on it you don't already possess.

Despite this intrinsic difficulty, I did manage to pick up an 80s compilation that was worth the effort recently: retro: The Best Of The Early Eighties. Inspired by the popular Sydney nightspot of the same name and compiled by its founder, Frazer Bourke, the CD is a necessarily selective tour of early 80s musical highlights. Impressively, only two of the above-mentioned 'cliche tracks' appear ('Fade To Grey' and 'Love Plus One'). Even more impressively, there are six tracks on the CD (in a total of 20) which I don't have on CD in any other form. Those tracks are:

I guess there are still minor things you could pick on the CD for: Why give Paul Weller a double dosage? Why not sub the track notes to eliminate the apostrophe errors? But then I didn't need to sew up the licensing deals and the fact that I try not to make apostrophe errors hasn't led anyone to offer me a compilation disc. Bite the bullet and buy the boy's CD.

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