Rant Of The Day THIS RANT 18/10/96

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Ken: the truth at last

Ken and Barbie are supposed to be the All-American dream couple, so it must be a bit of a worry to Mattel that Ken is repeatedly rumoured to be gay. Mind you, when the company backs releases like Earring Magic Ken, Boot-Scooting Ken and Shaving Fun Ken, you have to wonder.

You have to wonder even more when you check out the image of multiple Kens (perhaps inspired by Michael Keaton in Multiplicity) pictured here. That string vest is very, very suspect, and the Ken on the left appears to be plucking a flea from the neck of his companion.

Now, Gusworld would not want to go so far as to say you can judge a person's (or even a doll's) character and sexuality purely on the basis of their fashion choices (although Ray Martin's ties are pretty good evidence for this proposition). What we do feel confident in saying is that Ken has bloody awful taste in clothes. The 'psychedelic' purple shirt is particularly offensive (and you're hearing this from someone who owns a lot of purple clothes). In this context, the string vest actually starts looking kind of good.

While we're idly speculating about the Kenster, it's also worth noting that the picture of him in his many guises is paired off not with Barbie, but with Skipper. This leads us to suspect an affair between the two, although, to be fair, Barbie might have been so offended by Ken's outfits that she chose to have nothing to do with the whole sorry mess.

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