Rant Of The Day THIS RANT 14/10/96

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Change the colour of your wrapper (or at least the design)

I don't like it when people mess around with food wrappers. It makes things confusing. When you're on a rush through the supermarket on a Saturday afternoon, or staring bleary-eyed at a vending machine first thing on a Monday morning, the last thing you need is to have to concentrate because the packaging looks different.

I was, therefore, not entirely pleased when I noticed a few weeks ago that Cadbury had redesigned the wrapper on its Crunchie bars. The old Crunchie wrapper -- a simple, gold logo on a gold background -- was simple, elegant, and effective. Indeed, one could argue that the starkness and simplicity of its design mimicked the essential two-component simplicity of the bar itself, its presentation of black text on gold a subtle inversion of the honeycomb and chocolate treat within. But hey, it looked good. They saved all the embarrassing stuff for the ad for Crunchie with the guy wearing the acid house smiley face that was on TV for about three years longer than anyone was wearing them.

Now, though, we have a lively, vibey, new and active kind of Crunchie wrapper. I can't be sure, but I reckon even the basic gold colour of the wrapper has changed. And that logo? I mean, please! We are talking a solid chunk of chocolate here, not a putative confectionery vibrator.

All of this might lead you to the conclusion that I'll be jumping from Crunchie to the competitive but functionally similar Violet Crumble. Alas, no. Design doesn't even play a part. It's just that the vending machine in the office doesn't offer Violet Crumbles. I'll just have to close my eyes and think of chocolate.

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