Rant Of The Day THIS RANT 06/08/96

Rant Of The Day is where I get to mouth off about whatever I feel like for however long I like. Theoretically, I'll update my whinge/opinion piece every weekday; in practice, maybe not so often.

Concept association games

Everyone knows that the dumbest distance between two concepts is the idiotic mind of Gusworld's creator, right? Not convinced? Then watch as I move from ducks to a calculator in just six easy steps.

While computers have achieved a high penetration (oo er) into many facets of our lives, for sheer volume they can't match the convenience of the humble pocket calculator. Funnily enough, this is exactly the point we were hoping to arrive at.

Easy, hey? Later, for an encore, we may get from Ray Martin to talent, but don't hold your breath.

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