Rant Of The Day THIS RANT 01/08/96

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Belinda's back, so leave a light on

The phrases "critical respect" and "Belinda Carlisle" don't find themselves pairing up on a regular basis. Ms Carlisle hasn't released an album since 1993's Real, which bombed undeservedly in most parts of the world. I picked up my copy in a dump bin for $7.50 three months after its release, which meant I paid more for the single that preceded it (the chunka-thump classic 'Big Scary Animal') than the complete collection. I haven't noticed many respected music critics weeping in the streets at her absence, and I suspect that her imminent return is going to lead to another recycling of old stories about Diane Keaton and the time the drummer fell through the stage.

Me, I reckon the critics can go shag themselves with broomsticks in this instance. Belinda Carlisle did great pop songs when she was with the Go-Gos, and she kept doing great pop songs in her solo career ('Mad About You', 'I Get Weak', 'Leave A Light On', 'Live Your Life Be Free', I could go on). And, praised or pumelled, she's about to return. A single, 'In Too Deep', is due for Australian release any tick of the clock; it's already reached #6 on the UK charts. An album, featuring contributions from both Roxette's Per Gessle and her longtime producer Rick Nowells, will follow on in due course. They may bomb; they may not. But I'll be dashing out to buy them regardless, and I advise you to do the same.

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