Rant Of The Day THIS RANT 16/08/96

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Great dumb lyrics of our time

I was at my friend Camille's 21st birthday party the other night when I heard that early 90s hit 'Bust A Move' by Young MC. This song leaves me completely indifferent, save for one thing: it features a lyric which for several years I cited as the worst example of rhyming in popular music and general lyrical patheticness. Those lines were:

Dressed in yellow
She says "Hello,
How'd you like to come over here you fine fellow?"

Having expressed this view, I was attacked by several people, including well-known lyrical connoisseur Spanky, who pointed out that there are plenty of other songs with bad lyrics. Reflection has led me to conclude that this is indeed accurate, and to prove it, here are a few select lyrics from the Gusworld Hall of How Did They Write That And Keep A Straight Face? Some are by the greatest bands of all time; some are by mindless garbage pumpers who should have been put down at birth. But all share the common denominator of being awful:

Additions to this valuable cultural resource are welcomed, as long as they're not from the Cranberries, since the NME has that pretty much sewn up.

Gusworld cannot guarantee complete and 100% accuracy in every word of every lyric quoted above, but it can guarantee that the bad bits are authentic.

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