Rant Of The Day THIS RANT 18/06/96

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Great Ray Martin sledges online

Gusworld readers will probably have deduced that this page is not a very big fan of Ray Martin, the Walking Haircut. Like Stuart Littlemore and other right-thinking people who don't vote for Logies everywhere, we can't help but dislike (nay, loath even) the approach of Martin, or, to be fair, the approach of A Current Affair overall. Racism, sexism, superficial coverage, outright inaccuracies and shameless exploitation appear to be the order of the day, and they serve the order faster than Media Watch can analyse it.

Now, that's all very well for us, but are we alone? Is Ray Martin hated across the Web? With an investigative search engine in hand, we sought out great Ray sledges. Unfortunately, we didn't find much.

On the official Logies site, it's so sunny, it's sickening. A sentence like "Ray began his career in Journalism more than 30 years ago, and 25 Logies (including four Gold) later, he is still as popular as ever" makes it clear where ethics and popularity lie in the grand scheme of things.

The rules for the Frontline Drinking Game also make mention of Ray, ranking a mention of him as worth two sculls. Not quite what we would have hoped, but it sounds like a fun game.

Ray also rates a few mentions in the Sydney Morning Herald, especially its Election 96 coverage, but we didn't have the stomach to revisit that fiasco (in both political and journalistic terms). We also found out that an actor called Ray Martin played a Castrovalvan in 'Castrovalva', the first story for the fifth Doctor Who, Peter Davison, but doubt that it's the same person.

Thank god that our search was not in vain. We eventually stumbled upon a fabulous (but unfortunately untrue) piss-take on A Current Affair-style journalism in Tharunka. Pop over and read it right now.

If there are more scurrilous mentions of His Niceness out there, please let us know, for humanity's sake.

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