Rant Of The Day THIS RANT 26/06/96

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The sweet taste of victory

This might be difficult to believe, but there are few things that are better than running around Circular Quay deciphering cryptic clues and collecting Lindt chocolate balls in a race against the clock. I know, I tried it last night. The occasion for this unlikely event was the second Lindt Chocolate Ball Hunt, which is designed to raise money for the Starlight Foundation but also serves as an excuse for grown women and men to roam the streets of Sydney seeking chocolate.

The rules were simple. Teams were given a set of clues (see sample pictured at right) referring not-very-cryptically to locations around the Ken Done Gallery, where the event was based. You had to crack the clue, go to the location, get your form signed by a marshal, pick up some Lindt balls, pick up a new clue and do it all again. Eventually, you got a clue sending you back to the base, where you could participate in games like putt-putt golf and bowling to win more chocolate and gaze at minor celebrities like Gladiators (who had to wear jackets to remind themselves of who they were), Maynard and the odd cast member from Sweat.

Our team was slightly handicapped not only by an apparent lack of physical fitness, but also the most distinctive team name in the room: the Stinky Cheese Men. (No, we didn't choose it ourselves.) However, once the first clue was opened, we were flying. Our feet had wings, our stomachs had cramps, our brains were on fire and our buttocks were wobbling. We zoomed around the quay like a bunch of morons possessed. Having collected every clue, we sent our high-speed Swiss chocolate freak, Michele, back to base, to log a super-fast time of just 8:56. Then we had to wait two hours for the all-important news:


Not only did we win, but we also did better than a certain other team from an anonymous PR consultancy (hi Jo!), despite the same team's misguided earlier claims that they were going to "whip our butts". The same team misinterpreted one clue referring to an "arch" as an instruction to go to McDonald's, logged a nominal time of 20 minutes and was last seen simpering bitterly at Michele, our champion runner and all-round victorious person. Michele was last seen clutching her prize, a huge bunch of balloons and several Lindt promotional items, dancing to 'Waterloo' and proclaiming "This is better than my wedding!" (She isn't married, either.)

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