Rant Of The Day THIS RANT 15/05/96

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Careless memories

Remember 'Careless Memories' by Duran Duran? Not surprising, really. You probably remember 'Planet Earth', which made the Top 10 in Australia and broke them as a group. 'Careless Memories' was the follow-up and made the Top 20, but these days it doesn't even get a reaction in Retro, the Sydney nightclub devoted to all things 80s. It seems that Duran means 'Planet Earth', 'Rio', 'Hungry Like The Wolf', 'The Reflex', 'Ordinary World' and maybe a couple of others. Not a bad achievement by any means, but why the mental gap among people who admit (by paying $10 to get in) that they're 80s devotees?

The process of a band's repertoire being whittled away in the collective consciousness to just a few numbers is quite a common one. Culture Club is another useful example. 'The War Song', their late-1984 single, was one of their bigger releases, cracking the Top 3 in the UK and the Top 10 here, but trying to find a Culture Club compilation with that track on it is quite a challenge. I tried and eventually succeeded, but it seems these days half the room on any Culture Club compendium is put aside for obscure Boy George-related projects. (I'm not knocking those tracks, I just think they need a compilation of their own.)

Or take Wham! (and no, I'm not making the obvious gag here). Everyone remembers 'Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go', even people who were under the age of eight when it was released. How many people remember 'Freedom', its equally successful follow-up? How many people recall that 'Everything She Wants', the B-side of 'Last Christmas', went on to become a substantial hit in its own right within the same year? Yes, Wham! really were that big.

Unless you're a crazed obsessive like me (or a few other people I know), I guess the answer is you live for the moment and when it starts to fade, there's no predicting which bit will fade first. But I can't help thinking that if 'Careless Memories' was included on the soundtrack of the next Jim Carrey movie, it still wouldn't inspire swoons of recognition from the incomprehensibly huge audience.

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