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THIS RANT 20/05/2002

The ungetting of wisdom

This morning, I had four of my wisdom teeth removed, along with two other teeth for good measure. This marked a number of Gusworld firsts:

  • The first time I've ever had a general anaesthetic (which is an experience I'd be quite happy to repeat)
  • The first time I've ever had to wear paper underpants (which is an experience I'd be quite happy not to repeat)
  • The first time I've let anyone near my mouth with a drill for the best part of a decade
  • The first time I've been in a position to steal someone's bra with complete impunity. When I went to change into my hospital gown, I found that there was a black bra already in the suit bag given to me for my clothes. In the end, I decided to inform the staff about this, which was probably a wise move.

    The most frustrating aspect of the whole experience has been that I haven't been able to speak properly for most of the day, while I wait for the local anaesthetic to wear off. Not talking is, for me, a distinctly unnatural state of affairs.

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