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THIS RANT 11/06/2001

Strange mail from Big Brother fans

Since my addiction to Big Brother finally dragged Gusworld back into proper update mode after an 18-month hiatus, I've been receiving quite a bit of mail about the show. Doubtless the fact that the diary itself is listed on Yahoo has something to do with it. Anyway, while the odd piece of mail (such as Wayne Davidson's Brady bunch comparison) has made it to that part of the site, others haven't.

Just this afternoon, for example, I received the following message:

Just finished reading your Big Brother summaries :o) Well done, I say. Just one question, what does JB stand for... my friend and I have been trying to work it out :)

At least I knew the answer to that one. JB is rhyming slang for 'John Bull' = 'pull', and was, if I recall correctly, introduced to the house by Peter, who picked up the term in boarding school.

Not all mail can be answered so easily. Take this, for instance:

I suppose you are not gay, but you have such a great personality I would suppose you are! I was looking for a site that gave an honest opinion of BB and I found yours. I'm into psychology - of the auric kind - but I am pretty engrossed in BB anyway. I just want to know what you don't hear them say.

Oh, let's just get to the point. I love your personality! Are you really a guy? Are you a fifty something sleaze? Do you use your personality to have women clawing at your feet? My, God, you sound so honest on your site - what is really true?

Stuff BB - I want you! Just joking really. I have no life at the moment, so any human interaction sends me dizzy.

I haven't replied to that one yet -- I'm not sure what auric psychology is, but I'm reasonably sure I might not want to know. We've come to something when honesty is automatically interpreted as deception.

Incidentally, you may be wondering why I picked the Sara-Marie/Johnnie snogging shot to illustrate this piece. Basically, why not? (Although an added bonus is that it might disturb the auric psychologist even more!)

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