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THIS RANT 26/04/2001

On a night like that

Along with, apparently, half of the Australian population, I took myself along to a Kylie Minogue concert earlier this week. In doing so, I broke one of my lifelong rules: don't go to a concert in Australia on your own. Going to concerts without friends is generally a really unpleasant task if you're like me and can't go up and chat to total strangers while you wait for the band to come on. I've broken this rule repeatedly in the UK, where there are just too many good concerts on to make it viable, but up until Kylie I hadn't felt the need in Australia, having always managed to rope somebody into going with me.

Still, rules are made to be broken, and since I'm in Melbourne dogsitting for three weeks, it seemed like a good chance to get out of the house. So was it worth it? Well, the support act, Chakradiva, basically sucked totally. Their music was OK, but they mimed the entire thing while dancing in a manner reminiscent of those weird New Order videos from the mid-80s. "Oh god, are they still going?" an overexcited teen to my left commented a full 15 minutes into the performance.

But of course, it was Kylie we'd come to see, and she delivered in fine style. With a cast of eight dancers and a set that got changed three times in the course of the evening, I shudder to think what the cost was, but it was money well-spent. With barely a pause and not too much 'I love you Melbourne!' dialogue, Kylie dived from hit to hit, with a pleasant selection of tracks from Light Years and stuff going right back to 'I Should Be So Lucky' (delivered effectively as a smoky piano ballad). The jazz-band treatment of 'Better The Devil You Know' was less pleasing, but then maybe I'm just too fond of the original.

Quibbles? Well, there was a certain amount of revisionism going on: no tracks from Word Is Out or Impossible Princess. But apart from that, I've no complaints. Maybe I should go to concerts more often.

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