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THIS RANT 01/11/2000

I want to kill 'N Sync

Confession time: while I couldn't describe myself as an 'N Sync fan, I harbour no particular desire to kill the teen popsters (certainly not before I've gotten around to Celine Dion). What I'm testing is whether I'll be forced to undergo a police investigation and psychiatric evaluation simply for writing that headline. That might strike you as a trifle unlikely, but it just happened in the US.

In a widely reported news story a couple of weeks ago, a 17-year old Tennessee boy was sent off to the therapists after his mother found a folder containing details of a plot to kill the band. Police officials didn't charge him, but they apparently felt that the secret teenage scribblings warranted some kind of action (other than the obvious one of concluding that the boy's mother herself is either a little disturbed or a right bitch for racing off to the police at the first sign of trouble).

It strikes me that if the cops are going to have to spend time busting every adolescent who has written vaguely murderous thoughts, the general crime rate is going to soar. The whole point of being a teenager is to sit around feeling that the world hates you, drinking alcohol illicitly and writing really bad poetry in your journal. If that occasionally extends to detailed plans to knock off some sappy teenage band, so what? It's no more likely to be successful than the poetry is.

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